Magnum Graphene Rapid Sealant
ceramic coating protection
longevity enhancement
deep wet glossy look
beading enhancement
graphene coating maintenance
graphene sealant

Magnum Graphene Rapid Sealant

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The Graphene Rapid Sealant is formulated to add graphene polymers to the underlying ceramic coating to protect, maintain the longevity of the coating, provide a deep wet glossy look, enhance slickness, beading and provide repellency to dirt. The Graphene Rapid Sealant can also be used as a standalone coating and is a spray and wipe product.

The Graphene Rapid Sealant is durable for up to 6 months and provides a slick hydrophobic coat that repels water with excellent water beading and sheeting qualities which assist in repelling water spots leaving your car cleaner with deep rich gloss for longer.


  • CONTENT: 500ml
  • APPLICABLE MATERIAL: Paint, Aluminum, Chrome
  • DURABILITY: 6 Months
  • WATER REPELLENCY: 110° at 20 μL, glass
  • BUFF OFF TIME - 2 minutes max and shorter if the temperature is warmer
  • INITIAL CURING TIME: 15 minute curing time

What’s in the KIT?
500ml bottle Graphene Rapid Sealant, Magnum Ceramic Microfiber Cloth