Smart Surface Science Journey

The journey to creating rugged surface protection products has been a memorable experience, packed with innovation and numerous different formulations that have ultimately resulted into a unique range of car care products. We began tackling car care and the evolution of our products behind the scenes in early 2015.

Through the inception of the product range we have always listened to our customers and trialled our product range to detailers and have cycled through multiple iterations of the paint protection formulas to meet the stringent and harsh conditions of the Australian sun and the surrounding environment. After years of trial and error we have developed formulas that fit 3 major key factors durability, ruggedness and dependability. 

Many competitors may focus on the marketing of their products that claim outlandish statements i.e. 10H coatings or lifetime warranty but what you get from Magnum is true, tried tested products that 100% fulfills what it says on the box. Our paint protection products are backed with SGS certifications, SGS are the organization body that runs stringent benchmark tests on protection durability.

In 2016 after years of testing, utilizing different manufacturing facilities geographically we have engineered formulas that simply last in the Australian conditions.

We have continuously refined our products, bringing in different formulations in creating current and future products. Currently our core Graphene coating product is available for certified detailers only but in the near future we will be launching a consumer protection product DIY kit soon.

Stay tuned to our socials to keep up with our pursuit of rugged protection.