Ceramic coating
protection like no other

This is unmatched paint protection

Magnum Ceramic Coating provides a range of tried and tested products that uses the latest nanotechnologies. Our core product formula uses Graphene which is currently the strongest man made material. It is 200 times stronger than steel and has been used in coating applications in the aerospace industry.

Our signature ceramic coating uses a proven graphene formula that offers enhanced durability, protection, and greater longevity compared to traditional ceramic coatings. The product works by binding graphene polymers which when applied creates a layer of graphene that bonds to surfaces that are suitable for both new and old vehicles.

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Magnum Ceramic Coating Protective Benefits:

Harmful UV Rays
Scratches and Graffiti
Tree Sap and Gum
Bird Droppings
Acidic Water Droplets
Weather Corrosion

Magnum Ceramic Coating Restoration Benefits:

Restoring old finish to original factory mirror like finish
Quick and easy application. Set and forget for years
Hydrophobic properties allows you to easily wash away dirt and grime

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