How it works

Magnum Ceramic Coating is a leading Australian supplier of advanced surface protection products, including graphene coating. Graphene is a carbon-based nanomaterial that forms a durable, honeycomb-like sheet of carbon atoms when combined. This creates a thick layer of protection for your vehicle, protecting it from environmental elements, UV damage, light marring, and scratches.

Our graphene coating provides several benefits over traditional silicon dioxide ceramic coatings. For example, it reduces the amount of heat absorbed by treated surfaces, leading to increased beading with water and reduced risk of water spotting. It also has anti-static properties that make it less prone to dust build-up.

Graphene is highly flexible and less likely to crack or chip, making it incredibly durable. In normal conditions, our signature graphene coating can last for up to four years+ and withstand up to 350 washes+. Graphene is also chemically resistant and offers abrasion resistance, reducing the amount of friction that causes fine lines and scratches.

Our graphene coating is applied in a thickness of 2-6 nanometres and is compatible with all paint types, matte plastics, trims, chrome, vinyl wraps, and PPF. In addition to our flagship graphene coating, we also offer a range of products specifically designed for use on glass, alloy wheels, interior leather and trim.

If you desire superior slickness, shine, longevity, hydrophobic qualities, and flexibility for your vehicle, look no further than Magnum Ceramic Coating.

Should you wish to represent our brand as an accredited detailer, contact us today to start your graphene journey.