Applying Magnum Ceramic Coating to your alloy wheels

When it comes to cleaning rims it is definitely not everyones favorite chore, that build up of brake dust grim and road grime without the right equipment can be stubborn to clean. Although now with new ceramic coating solutions cleaning doesnt have to be a pain anymore with your rims after applying a ceramic coating solution. 

Whether the rims are chrome coated, alloy or solid still making the decision to ceramic coat your wheels will keep them cleaner for longer bringing out greater shine and keep them protected from small debris and light scuffs. The next wash won't be such a chore. 

Below here we will be walking through a step by step guide on how to prep and apply the ceramic coating to your rims. 

Notes to considered prior to application:

  • Never apply in direct sunlight work in a shaded area
  • Do not apply the coating inside the lug not or bolt holes or the hub this may cause slipping and create incorrect torque

Equipment Required:

  • Tyre Brush
  • Iron Fall Out Remover for Wheels
  • Clean Paint Brush
  • Dedicated Wheel Cleaning Agent
  • Microfiber Wash Mitt/Towell
  • Microfiber Drying Towell
  • Magnum Ceramic Coating Kit for Rims
  • Car Jack and Tools for removing Wheel from the Hub


  1. Rinse the rims with water.
  2. Apply dedicated wheel cleaning agent to the rims, front and back ensuring there is even coverage. Let it sit for 5 minutes.
  3. Grab your tyre brush and brush around the rim front and back ensuring that you scrub areas where brake dust and grime is visible. For the recessed areas grab your clean paint brush and work through those areas.
  4. Rinse the rim with water and wipe dry. 
  5. Dry the rim with a microfiber cloth and ensure there are no wet areas.

All done! lets seal the rim up with some Magnum Ceramic Coating.

Application Steps

  1. Wrap the suede cloth from the kit around the applicator pad and apply 5-8 drips of the coating to the applicator suede cloth.
  2. Evenly apply the coat through all the different parts of the rims from the spokes to the recessed areas and nooks and crannies. 
  3. Wait 3 minutes and buff out and wipe dry with a clean dry microfiber cloth.
  4. Allow 24 hours for the coating to cure and bake in. Don't drive, it will be worth it!

Enjoy the ease of cleaning the next time you wash your rims!