Magnum Certified Detailer Program

Welcome to the Magnum Ceramic Coating Certified Detailer Program

It’s time to take your automotive detailing offerings to the next level with the Magnum Ceramic Coating range. You are one form away in kickstarting your journey in providing the latest surface protection technology to your customers.

What are the advantages of being a Magnum Ceramic Coating certified detailer?

  1. Become an authorised member/dealer of the Magnum Ceramic Coating product range
  2. Discounts via an opt in subscription based model
  3. Access future exclusive products only available for professional use
  4. Special business partnership loyalty discounts to our products
  5. Free complimentary products from promotions
  6. Marketing collateral support banners, brochures, stickers and additional goodies
  7. Full warranty support on the range of products

What are the pre-requisites in being a authorised dealer?

  1. Must have extensive experience with using ceramic coating products at least 1 year
  2. A detailing studio or professional mobile detailing setup
  3. Must have business insurance
  4. Active social media presence
  5. A buy-in order with a minimum order amount of $150 after discounts and before shipping (that includes Magnum Graphene Coating) or a complete bundle kit (totaling $300).
  6. Send and record 2 minute video of the customers vehicle including close ups of final finish of each applied panel for at least one of your customers vehicles
  7. Detailers are expected to maintain at minimum 1 'Magnum Graphene' professional coating purchase a month. Magnum Ceramic Coating reserves the right to adjust this in the future, with notice in advance.

Ready to get started?

We'd like to get to know your motivations and a little bit about your business and experience. Please fill out the form below:

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