The truth about what's out there on the market

As a manufacturer, we can tell you there is a lot of shady marketing and useless warranties out there. We simply guarantee that if you don't like our products or if there's a defect we'll refund your money.

When companies give claims of (X amount of) years of durability, those are under the best conditions possible. We have extensively trialled the Graphene coating under the worse conditions possible with panels being left outside for years where we have checked the degradation over time to provide a realistic duration that the coating will last. We have backed SGS 9H ratings with our Graphene product. SGS similar to ISO conduct scratch tests on our products and we have achieved the 9H hardness rating.

For years the industry standard was about claiming a 9H rating and that's as hard as you could get....but now there's a 10H rating. Many companies have just started using a different test to get higher ratings. The difference in a 9H and a 10H isn't simply a 1 point difference, like you may actually doubles with each point. A 10H coating would be TWICE AS HARD as a 9H coating. Coating companies are making claims they have just suddenly figured out how to double the strength of their coatings.

The H (pencil test), or hardness test only means it should protect your paint from a scratch caused by something no harder than a pencil lead.

There is a lot of hype, shady marketing or bogus lifetime warranty claims. With Magnum products we have extensively trialled the products to fulfil what is stated on the box. Our products are backed by extensive research, testing and compliance standards set by SGS.