The truth about what's out there on the market

At Magnum Ceramic Coating, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality surface protection products that are backed by rigorous testing and certification. We don't make outrageous claims or offer useless warranties – if you don't like our products or if there's a defect, we'll simply refund your money.

When it comes to durability, many companies will make claims about the longevity of their products, but these claims are often made under the best possible conditions. At Magnum, we have extensively tested our graphene coating under the worst possible conditions, leaving panels outside for years to see how they hold up over time. This allows us to provide a realistic estimate of the coating's lifespan.

In terms of hardness, many companies claim to have coatings with a 10H rating, but these ratings can be misleading. The H rating, also known as the pencil test, only indicates the ability of a coating to protect against scratches from a pencil lead or similarly soft material. A 10H coating is not necessarily twice as hard as a 9H coating – the difference in hardness between the two ratings is much more significant.

At Magnum, we don't make false claims or offer bogus warranties. Our products are backed by extensive research, testing, and compliance standards set by SGS, and we are confident that they will provide the protection and durability you need. Contact us today to learn more.