Magnum Graphene Rapid Sealant
Magnum Graphene Rapid Sealant

Magnum Graphene Rapid Sealant

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The Graphene Rapid Sealant is formulated to add graphene polymers to the underlying ceramic coating to protect, maintain the longevity of the coating, provide a deep wet glossy look, enhance slickness, beading and repellency to dirt. The Graphene Rapid Sealant can also be used as a standalone coating and is a spray and wipe product.

The Graphene Rapid Sealant is durable for up to 6 months and provides a slick hydrophobic coat that repels water with excellent water beading and sheeting qualities paired with the ability to repel dirt and grime leaving your car cleaner with deep rich gloss for longer.


  • CONTENT: 500ml
  • APPLICABLE MATERIAL: Paint, Aluminum, Chrome
  • DURABILITY: 6 Months
  • WATER REPELLENCY: 110° at 20 μL, glass
  • BUFF OFF TIME - 2 minutes max and shorter if the temperature is warmer
  • INITIAL CURING TIME: 15 minute curing time

What’s in the KIT?
500ml bottle Graphene Rapid Sealant, Magnum Ceramic Microfibre Cloth